My jaw line is lumpy after Ultherapy, 1 year. Is this my new collagen? Can you fix this with Thermage? (Photo)

I'm one year out. Will Theramge make it worse? 500 lines and now I'm a drooper. I live in LA. I don't want to fry myself any further. Is there a way to just do a lite version of Thermage to test it?

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There is no light version on Thermage.

There is no light version of Thermage. So you would have to have the procedure with a physician who has done many procedures to see if this is for you. From the picture I feel you have had filler. Make sure your filler isn't contributing to your fullness in the jaw area. And again, photos can be misleading.

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Ultherapy and Thermage

Usually Ulthera should not cause lumps and bumps. It works by heating the skin and tightening collagen over time. It should only lift the face. Thermage does not correct this.

Joshua L. Fox, MD
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The lump that you are showing in the photo concerns me. I do a lot of Thermage but it will not correct lumps. Thermage tightens the skin and prioduces new collagen. I would consult your physician who treated you with Ulthera to determine if there is a medical cause for your lumps. Please keep me posted. Best, Dr. Green

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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