Jaw angle Siilcone implant VS jaw angle Medpor implant ?

I have read already a couple of answers about which material is better. I think it is individual. If I want to create V sharp jawline from the front view and in addition to make my jaw angles lower ( 2 cm ), because the angles are very high from all the view angles, 1. Which material is better to create it? 2. What is an extreme custom jawline augmentation? 3. Is there any difference between jawline implant to jaw angle implant? Thanks a lot Waiting your answers

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Jaw Angle Implants

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The material used ninja  jaw angle implant is irrelevant. What matters is whether the design of the implant can achieve the desired external facial effect. When dropping the jaw angles down 2 cms that will require custom made jaw angle implants.

Jawline implants

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The type of material can have some effect on the 'look' of the jawline. For example, implants like Gortex or Medpor allow a 'tighter' integration with the overlying soft tissue and create a bit of a sharper jawline. Silastic is fine but has a bit of a 'softer/rounder' look at the angle. If you want to increase the height at the angle, you require a firmer implant material that does not 'bend' inwards due to its flex. Gortex or medpor work in that regard. For females, Gortex is preferred in my opinion. The change in the 'slope' of the jawline requires a proper assessment of the shape of the face viewed frontally. Consult a cosmetic Maxillofacial surgeon for consultation

Gerald Wittenberg, MSc, DMD
Vancouver Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
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