Are itchy pimple-like bumps normal after IPL for Rosacea?

I had my first IPL 3 days ago to treat Rosacea. Last night I started noticing some itchy bumps/pimples appearing around my face. Last night I also shaved my face for the first time since the treatment. I typically have very sensitive skin so not sure if that combined with the IPL caused a reaction? What should I do? Also should I be continuing my typical Rosacea regiment with my usual creams and moisturizers? Or is it better to just completely back off for a few days and just use sunscreen? Thank you!

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Are itchy pimple-like bumps normal after IPL for Rosacea?

Thanks for your query. Just moisturize your skin well , keep it hydrated and protect from sun and it will get alright in a few days. Hope it helps.

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IPL is a photofacial -- get Fraxel with Microneedling or combine with IPL and microneedling/PRP

I find that fraxel is better than IPL for aging, and we combined with microneedling/PRP.  If you are getting a reaction from the IPL please see your physician.  Appropriate skin care and sunprotection is necessary at this time.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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