What interventions are needed to achieve this look? (Photos)

The left side of the photos is unedited. There, you can see all the imperfections I want to improve. They are making me feel really uncomfortable, I wouldn't like this tired look to define my daily life when it comes to appearance. So, i would like to improve the wrinkles on my forehead, the smile lines and the eye bags. The edit on the right side is exactly the way i want to look. Is it possible in a way that subtly enhances the features , without harming the expressions?

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Age dependant​

So botox for the forehead wrinkles and for the lower lid bags, maybe fillers but I might suggest that if you are over 35, then maybe lower lid blepharoplasty. Its an extreme option in the young patient but tends not to need redoing and is the best way to get that smooth lid cheek junction without bags that you show in the touched up photos 

Hope that helps 

Adam Goodwin

Surgical and non-surgical options

Thank you for your photos. You have both surgical and non-surgical options to rejuvenate your face as you have edited. For the forehead area, Botox injections can be used to prevent wrinkles from forming. The quickest and simplest solution for your undereyes would be to have hyaluronic acid fillers such as Restylane to your lower eyelid area to smooth and lighten the shadows from hollowing in the area. There is minimal downtime but it will last for less than a year before you need more filler injected. For permanent results, you can have the excess bulging fat removed through small incisions behind the eyelid and have the fat repositioned as well so that the transition between your eyelid and the cheek is as smooth as possible. There is also a greater amount of downtime with surgery and fat repositioning/grafting - you can expect to be bruised and swollen for a few weeks but it is more of a permanent fix. Lastly, your nasolabial folds can be lessened with fillers placed at your cheekbones as well as folds to lift your skin and minimize the shadowing. For the best treatment options, it is important to visit an expert for an in-person examination. Hope this helps!

Johnson C. Lee MD, Plastic Surgery

Johnson C. Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Physician
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Lower eye attention

Hey timeabg- 

Thanks for your question and you're impressive photoshop skills!

You're beautiful to start with. To obtain this result I would recommend starting with simple hyaluronic filler such as restylane silk. If you love it and as time goes by and your schedule and budget allow, lower eyelid surgery known as blepharoplasty will help in making that a permanent thing for you!

Hope this helps and God Bless!

Dr. Robb

Philip K. Robb Jr., MD
Evans Otolaryngologist
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Fine tunning

You have some good facial qualities. You are young, you have very nice skin and high cheek bones.

For smile lines and forehead wrinkles, at your age, strategically placed botox. For the dark circles you really need a good facial analysis and physical exam to determine the cause as different causes lead to different treatments.

For example, in  my hands, lax skin =  laser resurfacing

Orbital fat prolapse =  transconjunctival blepharoplasty with fat repositioning, possibly autofat transfer to the face vs. synthetic filler

Festoons =  classic blepharoplasty with orbicularis work and possible skin pinch

You can definitely achieve what you are looking. Be patient and go to the right doctor.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck,


Benjamin Caughlin, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Non surgical options

You should be able to see an improvement with a combination of non surgical treatments.  Botox or Dysport can be used to treat the wrinkles and expression line on the forehead, between the eyes, and the crow's feet area.  This simple treatment works well and lasts approximately 3 months.  Fillers can be used to address the under eye area, leaving a smoother overall look.  The longevity of the fillers varies, but an estimate is 9 months to one year.  You can also consider laser treatments and microneedling (Skin Pen) to revitalize and improve the quality and texture of the skin.  Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to learn more.

Camille Cash, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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I have a patented cosmetic botulinum toxin method called the Microdroplet Lift that will reduce forehead lines without harm.

By concentrating treatment along the eyebrows and leaving the forehead untreated, The Microdroplet Lift treats the muscle that pull the eyebrows down and leaves the lifting muscles of the forehead untreated.  This lifts the eyebrows, softens the resting brow pinch, and reduced forehead lines without freezing the forehead.  Definitely not your mom's Botox treatment.  For the under eye area, this can easily be achieved with hyaluronic acid filler using a method called Deep Fill.  The botox service lasts 4 to 6 months, while the fillers last well over a year.  Do not waste your money on unneeded laser resurfacing, or unproven platelet rich protein micro needling.  Choose services that will help you achieve your particular goals.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Facial Rejuvenation

Thank you for your question. There are several efficacious methods for facial rejuvenation. Botox improves dynamic lines in the forehead, between the brows and crows feet by relaxing the muscles. Injectable fillers can improve volume under the eyes, in the cheek and in the nasolabial folds. I would recommend an in person consultation to discuss your goals and candidacy. 

Kathleen Morno, MD
Highland Park Physician
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Under Eye Rejuvenation with fillers, lasers, microneedling/prp

The dark bags you have are genetic and can be treated with lower eyelid surgery or fillers, lasers, and microneedling/PRP. Forehead wrinkles can be treated with Botox and/or fillers. See an expert for a formal consultation. Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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