Why are Internal sutures are coming loose requiring surgical removal? Will this area always look indented, & deformed? (Photos)

4 weeks post op, incision from TT appeared healed. It started 'leaking' fluid, I consulted my Dr. There seemed no concern. It continued to leak, until 5 MONTHS post op, when a 'bubble' developed. I was told it was an internal suture coming loose. At 6 months post op, it was surgically removed. It healed, but now at 6 months post op, another bubble has formed. WHY are these happening? The scar where these bubbles are forming is deeply indented and ugly. Will this area always look deformed?

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Suture Granuloma

Hello,Your sutures were likely contaminated by skin bacterial at the time of surgery, leading to chronic inflammation and the formation of a granuloma. Your stitch isn't loose, but it will need to be remove so that your can finally heal.Best of luck!

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Tummy tuck - spitting sutures at 5 months

Thank you for asking about your tummy tuck healing.
  • This is totally frustrating when it happens -
  • Some people react to their internal sutures and instead of absorbing them the body rejects them.
  • You may get a series of sutures bubbling to the surface -
  • Let your surgeon remove them as they appear, then wait six months and have a scar revision if the dents are still there - but only using skin sutures that are taken out, not left in.
  • Also find out the name of the sutures so you avoid having them used on you again.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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