Insurance won't cover implants but I had orthodontic treatment to set up my teeth (missing lateral incisors).Suggestions?(photo)

I was given a retainer with fake teeth on it and wore it for almost six years. Within the last year both teeth have snapped off (one was accidentally thrown away) and I didn't exactly like my "finished" look any way. I'm not a huge fan of the idea of spending tons of money on two implants that might fail and cause more issues so would returning to braces and going the canine substitution route be my only option?

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Thanks for sending your question. You may want to consider options like removable partials, where the teeth are more esthetic and the prosthetic more comfortable to tolerate. Other options like a Maryland bridge may be used in this situation to treat your concerns. I highly recommend for you to be seen to determine the most effective option.All the best,

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