Who can inject fillers to the nasolabial area?

I know it's a doctor but what kind? I know oculoplastic is for the eye area. But what about nasolabial area?

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​ Injecting Fillers

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This should be done in the hands of a properly trained Board Certified core cosmetic medicine physician such as a Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, Oculoplastic Surgeon, or Facial Plastic Surgeon. As with any operative procedure this requires significant understanding of the anatomy and precision while injecting. This is truly an art and science, just like surgery, and requires the talent and skill to produce excellent results in a safe manner.         

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

U.K. Perspective

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Snake, this answer is from a UK perspective which has different regulations to the US, but for your interest I thought I would answer. Here anyone can legally inject dermal fillers because they are classified as a medical device, not a medicine. It doesn't matter if you have a healthcare degree or not, you aren't breaking the law by obtaining filler and injecting it. 
Now of course that isn't a sensible thing to do so generally the people doing dermal filler injections are doctors, dentists and nurse prescribers. All these people are able to inject hyaluronic acid filler anywhere on the face here whether it be the tear trough or nasolabial fold. My advice would be to chose someone who you know has a lot of experience with these procedures, and perhaps has a purely aesthetic practice, that way you know they are performing these procedures all day every day rather than just dabbling.

Sarah Tonks, BDS, MBBS
London Physician

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