Is it impossible to lengthen and narrow a retracted nose simultaneously?

My revision doctor said he was going to perform osteotomies at the same time as inserting extended spreader / septal extension grafts. The osteotomies didnt happen. When I asked why he said its impossible to lengthen and narrow a retracted nose simultaneously. Is this correct?

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Is it Possible to Lengthen and Narrow a Nose at the Same Time?

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I don't know what was done during your operation nor can I explain what your surgeon did but I have frequently done osteotomies and placed extended spreader or septal extension grafts at the same time in revision rhinoplasty procedures. I would ask your surgeon to clarify exactly what was done and its impact on your present appearance and expectations.

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Nasal lengthening

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It is difficult to know what your surgeon's experience was in the operating room, and without pictures.  Often, revision surgery can be unpredictable in the operating room, and the procedure will have to be adjusted during surgery from the exact plan that was discussed with the patient.  In this case, it is best to trust your surgeon's gut feelings about your surgery, and if proper time has elapsed, then seek consultation in person with qualified revision rhinoplasty surgeons in your area to discuss any residual issues.

I hope this helps.

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