Why do my implants look lopsided? Do I have snoopy deformity or capsulare contracture? (photos)

I had 610cc under the muscle about 12 months ago, I am very unhappy with the lack of symmetry and shape of my breasts. I'm worried they are ruined. Do I need surgery to fix this?

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You're not ruined

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but you could benefit from revision surgery.  If you can work this out with your surgeon, that would be best.  You are looking at either just a capsulotomy to lower the implant or a possible capsulectomy if you have a full blown contracture occurring.  But if you have to return to the OR, is there anything needed on your good side since you'll be under anesthesia already?

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Capsular Contracture

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You appear to have both, which is common.  Capsular contracture can cause snoopy deformity when the breast ptosis/nipple position is not ideal prior to augmentation.  You will need a revision surgery to remove the entire capsule and implant in one piece.  This should only be performed through an inframammary incision to minimize recontamination of the new implant. 
Best of luck!

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Thank you for the question and the photos and you are not ruined but will require surgery to fix the situation.  So see some experts in your area.

Dr. Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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Why do my implants look lopsided? Do I have snoopy deformity or capsulare contracture?

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You most likely have a capsular contracture on the right side which has elevated the implant creating a snoopy deformity. These complications are more common when very large implants are used. This can be revised and corrected surgically.

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