Who is the ideal candidate for FemTouch?

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Ideal Candidate for Femtouch

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It really can be the woman's decision if she feels this procedure can help with the appearance of the vagina, tightness, lubrication, incontinence and overall sexual health.  The average patient may be  post-menopausal, post-childbirth, post-cancer or suffering from SUI.  Best!!!

Any women with the following issues

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Femtouch by Lumenis is the most advanced laser available to treat a variety of symptoms related to women’s health. In our practice we have seen patients with dramatic improvements in vaginal dryness, laxity, sexual satisfaction (both the patient and her partner) as well as stress urinary incontinence and even urinary tract infections. Seek out an experienced provider in your area to learn more.

Ideal fem touch patient

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The ideal FemTouch patient is a women who is postmenopausal and is experiencing dryness of the vagina due to the lack of hormonal stimulation.  This results in pain during intercourse.This is ideal for women who cannot tolerate or do not want to take hormones. The laser stimulates new growth of the vaginal mucosa resulting in increased lubrication and moisture to the area.  Another group of women who would benefit from fem touch are those women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Women who are undergoing treatment for breast cancer will oftentimes experience the same symptoms as postmenopausal women.These women cannot take hormones so FemTouch is an excellent way to restore vaginal health in this situation.  Women who experience vaginal laxity due to childbirth or the aging process are also good candidates for FemTouch, as FemTouch can be used to tighten the vaginal walls.  And finally, women who experience stress incontinence can benefit from FemTouch.  Stress incontinence is loss of urine when you sneeze, cough lift something heavy etc.

Jean M. Casello, MD
Northborough Physician
5.0 out of 5 stars 14 reviews

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Ideal FemTouch candidate

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FemTouch is an appropriate treatment for a variety of women.

1. Post Menopausal- as hormones go away, the vaginal mucosa becomes dry and atrophic, and sex can become painful. This treatment stimulates collagen,rejuvenates the tissues, and stimulates mucous production which restores moisture and puts pleasure back into sex. 

2. Post Breast cancer and not able to use hormones to keep the vaginal tissues plump, healthy and moist.  My recommendation is for these women to start having this treatment as soon as possible to keep the tissues healthy.

3. Post baby- as the tissues get stretched out with childbirth, this can help tighten them and help with the stress incontinence that is common after child birth.

4. Pre-menopausal- dryness is one of the first sings of vaginal aging. it is common for hormonal creams to be prescribed to keep the tissues healthy and moist and for lube to be used for intercourse. FemTouch keeps the vaginal tissues at their best, restores moisture and improves sensation during sex.

FemTouch Candidate

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The ideal candidates are twofold. The first ideal patient is a post-menopausal women who are experiencing dryness and pain with intercourse who do not wish to have exposure to hormones. The CO2 laser will cause new blood vessels to develop, new collagin formation, increased mucous production, and increased elasticity. 

The second candidate is a post-partum women who is experiencing some laxity of the vagina and wants the tissue tightened and more elastic. The procedure may also help with symptoms of mild urinary incontinence.

Hope this helps. 

Dr Faraz


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FemTouch is a quick and painless procedure which can benefit women with problems such as vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence. It is especially beneficial for those who have not had success with or cannot use estrogen therapy. The procedure is performed in fewer that 10 minutes and with minimal side effects. Patients undergo 2 to 4 treatments and results are often apparent after the second or third session. The associated risks are minimal and there is no down time after the procedure.

FemTouch Candidates

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The ideal candidate for FemTouch is any woman who is experiencing vaginal dryness, decreased vaginal tone especially during intercourse, or mild difficulty holding her urine. FemTouch can help improve any or all of these symptoms. Women who cannot use vaginal estrogen or simply do not want to use hormonal treatments for vaginal dryness are excellent candidates for the FemTouch procedure.

Randye Karmin, MD
Miami OB/GYN

Many women over the age of 40

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I know this sounds like a generalized answer but it's true. As one ages particularly after having children the vagina goes through a number of physical and physiological changes. The lining or mucosa thins out, causing dryness and sometimes pain on intercourse. The birth canal itself relaxes after having children and vaginal tightening is one of the main reasons that patients come to us. Femtouch is a painless procedure that takes about 10 minutes to perform. By resurfacing the vagina, collagen growth stimulated as well as blood supply.
I also perform bio identical hormone therapy and patients with a history of breast cancer cannot receive estrogen. Femtouch is great for these patients because of the results of vaginal lubrication and thickening of the vagina wall.
Lastly, many patients with stress urinary incontinence benefit from a strengthening of the anterior vaginal wall and urethra with one or two treatments

Joseph M. Perlman, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Best candidate?

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four different groups

1. 12 weeks after a vaginal delivery

2. 40- 50 year olds in early menapause

3. post menopausal with severe atrophy

4. Breast cancer patients

Strick Mays, MD
Crestview Physician

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