I Am One Week Post Op, One Is Higher Than Other, Is This Normal?

I Came from a 36b to 450cc on Both Right and Left Breast.  Areola breast augmentation saline with bilateral crescent lift. I have noticed my right has settled down and is not so swollen anymore. However, my left is still up tight and seems swollen but that it's not going down because of the toughness I feel. It's larger and I'm not sure what to do, I have iced it yet nothing has changed. I had more of a lift on my left also which could be the cause. I'm just curious what the possibilities are and how to solve them.

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1 week post op breast augmentation and asymmetric

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Thank you for your question.  Asymmetry at one week post-op is not unusual so try not to panic and try to give it some time.  Make sure you follow up with your surgeon, have photos taken to track your progress through out your healing process.  Your surgeon may recommend massaging or wearing a breast band.  ac

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Breast Asymmetry

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Without a photo, it would be difficult to say if this difference will be significant of not. The best person (and sometimes - unfortunately -  the worst person) to ask is your plastic surgeon. If he is honest, he will tell you what is really going on in terms of what is causing the asymmetry, and if it will get better and how much.

In general, massage DOES NOT help, contrary to many surgeons recommendations.  Many times this situation is caused by fluid accumulation (both blood and or serum), and this is not made better by massage.  Icing is not effective either.  Your surgeon should be diligent and not ignore this as a minor issue that will just go away, because there might be a possibility of making it better.  If there is even a question of fluid accumulation, you should have a simple ultrasound to check.  If there is, then it can be quickly removed. I place all my patients on antibiotics, Singulair, and high dose vitamin E to minimize the risk of capsular contracture formation as well.

Best of luck.

I Am One Week Post Op, One Is Higher Than Other, Is This Normal?

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The breast implants will be high and hard initially and over time will drop into their pockets. Massage can help as well. Just be patient and give the implants a chance to drop.

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1 week post surgery with asymmetry

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Dear C,

Thank you for your post.  1 week after surgery, especially with smooth saline implants, asymmetry is not uncommon.  Continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon.  He may give you a compression band to wear and recommend massage. 

Best Wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

One week after breast augmentation

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At one week after breast augmentation, there might be differential swelling and tightness that should get better with time.

Post-op recovery following breast augmentation

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Hi there

Thank you very much for your kind question. It is extremely common to have asymmetry in healing after any operation and this is especially the case following cosmetic breast surgery. As I am sure you are aware it is normal to have slightly asymmetrical breasts and of course, this can be exacerbated in the early post-operative period. I always tell my patients to expect asymmetry in swelling; it is extremely common for one breast implant to be apparently higher than the other. This will usually settle over time and I am sure you will be delighted. I am a firm believer in wearing a supportive sports bra post-operatively too. 

Best wishes

Dr Paul Banwell

Asymmetry is normal...

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Hello and thanks for your post. It is normal for one breast to look slightly fuller and higher when compared to the other side. Most patients do not realize that each breast is unique before and how it reacts after surgery. You should see your doctor if the bigger breast is much bigger as this might imply a fluid collection. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

Asymmetry after breast implant surgery

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It is extremely common to have implants that are in slightly different positions early after surgery. It can sometimes take up to 3 months for implants to settle into their final positions on the chest wall and the two implants do not always fall at the same rate. I often use a small compression strap with my patients to help "push" the implants down in the first few weeks after surgery. No need to panic. Follow up with your surgeon and be patient. Most of the time, this resolves on its own. 

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