I had a tummy tuck 3 yrs. ago. 6 months ago I started draining a clear, odorless fluid from my belly button that does not stop.

Is my surgeon correct that the drainage and lack of healing is due to my smoking pot for my anxiety, that he said he was not worried about that when I was going to undergo the tummy tuck procedure? What can happen to me if this drainage (although clear and odorless) does not heal? Is it simple to correct? I have no photos. The umbilical area is not warm, or red, but it keeps draining. What do you recommend? Thank you

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Your drainage near the belly button is from a retained suture

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Your drainage near the belly button is from a retained permanent suture; until this suture is trimmed, your drainage will continue; you should also get a culture to dictate choice of antibiotics that you should take until healing complete.

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Chronic Seroma Or Infected Suture

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Smoking pot has nothing to do with it. You've probably had a fluid collection all along since the surgery, as it is likely a complication of that surgery.  It's not your fault, and it's not necessarily the surgeons fault either, but you should look for a new doctor that will be honest with you. There is no need to lie. 
Best of luck!

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At this late date I would be suspicious of some foreign body like a permanent stitch present there.  Your doctor would know if there is one present or not.  Dissovable sutures would be long gone.  Pleae check on this because if there is a permanent type of suture, you will need it removed.  It is safe now to do that.  Good luck. 

Virgil Willard, MD
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Draining after a tummy tuck

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The source of the draining could be due to a suture (stitch) that is non-absorbable which may have migrated close to the surface of your belly button. You should be examined by your plastic surgeon to be sure for a thorough exam.

Best wishes,

William Bruno, MD
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