I redid a breast augumention, I also did a lift. I am very happy with my right breast but my left one is off looking.

I really don't want to go under the knife again. I went to my surgeon and showed him and asked if he can just inject something instead of redoing that breast. He said yes but inject it with my own fat basically go under the knife again and he quoted me over 5k which is ridiculous. If that was the case I rather go bigger and have in new implants lol. So my question is what filler is safe to inject to fill that little part?

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When trying to even your breasts out

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and one is deficient in some way or form, fat grafting is a very simple procedure that could be done in the office under local anesthesia.  And it shouldn't cost what you were quoted.  So call around and find out what fees are and then assuming they are all board certified and experienced surgeons, schedule your appointment.  In my practice I provide 2 ways to do fat grafting.  The first is to schedule it as a specific procedure for a particular problem and only the amount of fat needed is harvested.  This would cost less than $2000. If you had liposuction of an area, I provide courtesy fat grafting but my patients must cover the costs of the fat processing device I use (Pure Graft) and the additional time in the OR/under ANES,  Most of my patients opt for option 2.

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