I had platysmaplasty and neck lift eight weeks ago. Very dissatisfied. What should I do?

I voiced my concerns to my Dr and he ignored it stating that he pulled as tight as he could without having to put his foot on the wall and tugging. My question is now what do I do? Any advise other than to wait another six months for further healing of my tissues and then have a re-do? I interviewed five plastic surgeons before choosing him and I could not be more depressed at the result. I had a very defined jaw and had wished to keep it. Help?

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Your doctor may have pulled as tight as possible laterally, but I believe that the 
platysmaplasty  might be able to achieve more tightening in the middle.
If this were the case, you would also probably need lateral skin redraping at the same time.
Its difficult to tell without an exam, but I would also advise waiting a full 6 months before
attempting any revision.  Don't be depressed.  If it still looks the same 6 months after procedure,
I believe that your concerns can be addressed with a revision.  Continue care with your doctor 
and if you're not pleased, seek a second opinion with an experienced surgeon.

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Platysmaplasty and Neck Lift Concerns

Dear lavitadulce, Unfortunately you will need to wait some time to allow for the healing process to take place. I would keep an open line of communication with your surgeon in the interim and discuss your concerns. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Dissatisfaction with results of necklift at two months postop?

Dissatisfaction with results of necklift at two months postop? Unfortunately you cannot hurry mother nature. Swelling will take time to receed. Continue seeing your surgeon. A second opinion may make you more comfortable with waiting. See a very experienced facelift surgeon.

Toby Mayer, MD
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