I had pec implants 3 months ago in Mexico, and my right pectoral is shifting to the right (Photo)

I had pec implant 3 months ago in mexico, and my right pectoral is shifting to the right. My surgeon says that I should wear the the vest for 5 more weeks and a hypafix tape that pushes the pectoral to the center. The problem I see is that even do I'm filling the instructions the right pectoral is not correcting because I think the poket door not close in its place. What can I do? Am I going to need correcting surgery?

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Plastic surgery done abroad with complications always raises the issue of medical tourism

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Thank you for your question and pictures.

I will start that there are good plastic surgeons in every country and that complications can occur even in the best hands.

The left side looks very good.

I can see already in your middle picture that the right implant had already started shifting slightly.

You can try the garment and the hypafix but after 3 months, it is much more difficult to open a closed pocket as your body has now formed a capsule and fixated the implants to the ribcage.

If all fails, the surgeon has to reopen and do what we call a capsulotomy of the inner chest pocket and enlarge the pocket towards the midline, in a similar fashion as we do with breast implant asymmetry.  I would also use strong permanent sutures to close back the underarm area, fascia to fascia.

Hope this helps!

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