I haven't seen my orthodontist in seven years and all of my wires and brackets fell off. Can I go to another orthodontist?

I got braces on in 2009 when I was in 5th grade. A short while after..... My mom got sick and lost her job and was unable to pay for my treatment. My teeth are horribly crooked and I can afford braces now. The problem is I still have glue on my teeth from Un finished treatment 7 years ago and I'm scared that another ortho won't be willing to work on me. I can't go back to my old ortho because I have a balance due there and I'm way too embarrassed. PLZ HELP. I want to smile and be happy.

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Good news! Yes, another orthodontist can take your braces off and start new treatment on you.

People move or come up on hard times often, so orthodontists are aware of this and willing to help.

Best of luck! 

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