I had my Tummy Tuck surgery on sept 9th exactly one week ago and I am not happy with the result. Any suggestions? (photos)

i am extremely upset about the result of my tummy tuck specially on the upper part ( under my breast). on the consultation i specifically emphasized that i want my upper part of my stomach to be as flat as possible my Dr told me he tightened my muscle really well and did the liposuction as much as he could but i am very un happy. can you tell me if this is going to be the final result or there is hope.

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1 week out from tummy tuck

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You are still in the very early process of healing.  Continue to follow the instructions of your plastic surgeon.  Your results should get better with time.

El Paso Plastic Surgeon
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One week post abdominoplasty

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Hello Roxanamo-
Your post op result at one week looks very good and a significant change from preop, especially considering the short amount of time that has elapsed since surgery. Be very patient and do not lose faith in your surgeon. The upper abdomen does appear slightly fuller but much of that may well be swelling and the tightness below might be accentuating that swelling. Please also be aware that with every tummy tuck, the amount of liposuction that a surgeon can perform in the upper and lateral abdomen is limited by his/her assessment of blood supply to the lower abdomen. If too much lipo is performed, then skin loss can occur and that is a real problem. It is always better to err on less liposuction than more in this scenario. If your fullness persists after six months or so, one can easily and safely go back and liposuction this area.

Good luck.

Mark Anton, MD, FACS
Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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One week after surgery is far too early to predict final results.

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Following a tummy tuck, it’s very normal to see quite a bit of swelling initially, so it’s very hard to get an idea of what your final results will look like this early on. Recovery from a tummy tuck can take several weeks to a few months, although the majority of any swelling should dissipate over the next few weeks or so. Right now it’s just too early to worry. In the meantime, be sure to contact your plastic surgeon if your discomfort gets worse instead of better, or if you have concerns over possible complications. If you’re still unhappy with your tummy tuck results after about the six-month mark, then revisit your surgeon or look for a new surgeon who specializes in tummy tuck revision surgery.

Tummy tuck results at one week

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There is still a great deal of swelling at one week and if your surgeon did a lot of work on your upper tummy then there is likely to be a lot of swelling there. It will probably be at least 6 months before all the swelling is gone, so be patient. It is difficult to wait, but time is on your side. Be sure to see your plastic surgeon regularly and follow his or her instructions. And be patient. Good luck to you.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

What to Expect One Week after a Tummy Tuck

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  • Thus far, your results after your tummy tuck one week ago appear very nice. 
  • One week in "surgery time" is nothing! 
  • You can expect to have swelling for months to come. 
  • You won't see your "final" result for at least 6 months. 
  • Therefore, I would concentrate on eating as healthy as you can, carefully following your plastic surgeon's post-operative instructions, and don't overdo it.  
  • It is very difficult, but try to be patient, because several months down the road, you may be very pleased with your results. 
  • Thanks for sharing!

I had my Tummy Tuck surgery on sept 9th exactly one week ago and I am not happy with the result. Any suggestions?

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Much too early to tell. There is still a lot of swelling that needs to subside. Also, there is a tightening effect of liposuction that occurs weeks to months later that you won't see this early.

I hope this was helpful,

Dr. Daniel Barrett
Beverly Hills, CA

Daniel Barrett, MD
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Obviously an  examination  is needed.  That said you are very early post op so try to be patient

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Unhappy with abdominoplasty

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Thank you for your pictures. Your result looks good it's seven days. It will get better over the ensuing weeks to months. You wanted your upper abdomen as flat as it possibly could be and your plastic surgeon told you that he or she did all that they could to make this flat is possible. You need to readjust your expectations.

One week from tummy tuck

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It is way too early to know what your result will be.  In the scheme of healing, you are still very early in the healing phase.  It is common to have swelling at this point which will go away with time.  It takes time for the effects of liposuction to be appreciated as the skin has to shrink and re-drape to give you your new contour.  It takes months to get to your "result", around 6 months or even longer.  Stay in touch with your surgeon and allow your body time to heal. 

I had my Tummy Tuck surgery on sept 9th exactly one week ago and I am not happy with the result. Any suggestions?

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There is a lot of hope! MUCH too early to evaluate the outcome of the procedure; it may take up to a year for complete resolution of swelling and skin redraping to occur. Patience and time will likely be your "best friends". Best wishes.

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