I have large downturned eyes, I'd like them a bit smaller and a bit more upturned. I want less sclera to be visible. (photos)

Could the size of my eyes be causing dry eye? Would this be covered by insurance?

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Almond eye surgery, reduces sclera show

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You are describing almond shape eyes. See following link for details on almond eyes and possible surgery to achieve it.

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Size of your eyes causing drying -absolutely.

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You have very prominent eyes.  Have you had prior eyelid surgery?  That is a common cause for this type of situation.  Bottom line, there is no substitute for a detailed personal consultation to assess precisely what is going on and how best to manage the situation.  Generally what is covered by health insurance is dry eye management and surgeries that are not particularly cosmetically acceptable.  Be careful in assessing the options that are offered to you.  There is no substitute for a personal consultation.

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