I am interested in a revision blepharoplasty (asian eyes) to achieve a doe eyed look. What would you recommend? (photos)

I am of mixed asian heritage. My current eyelids shown in the first photo, have a medium crease at the outer edge that tapers to an inner crease. I would like to have a "doe-eyed" look, similar to Jessica Alba and Emmy Rossum's. My goal is to look soft, natural, and youthful even "innocent" ; however, I am worried that the actual outcome will look unnatural since it is a very high crease. What are the recommended crease options to achieve a natural, bright eyed look?

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Asian blepharoplasty

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What you are asking may or may not be realistic. It is best to see an oculoplastic specialist in person for consultation. During the consultation, it can be determined what can be achieved with surgery.  Whatever the case, natural results are key.

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I do not believe your aesthetic goals are realistic.

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The eyes you describe as "doe eyes" all have inner folds that are outside folds.  That is the fold finishing in the inner corner without tucking under the medial epicanthal fold.  Your eyelids have an inner fold.  Double fold surgery can be used to expose more of your eyelid platform which would give you a better defined place to apply make up to the eyelid without the risk of making the fold too high.  In fact, at your consultation if you do not get a very explicit discussion of where the fold should be and how much platform below the fold to expose, you are probably in the wrong office.  The last picture you show suggests a range of platform exposure from 3 to 6 mm.  I assure you that you are likely to be very unhappy if your platform exposure is 6 mm.  I think exposure more than 3 mm is a concern.  Remember this can always be increased with revisional surgery but lowering the fold to cover more platform is essentially impossible.

The bigger concern is the medial epicanthal fold.  There are surgeries that will take an inside fold to an outside fold.  They are called epicanthoplasty.  When they are good, the result is brilliant.  When they are bad, they leave you with a debilitation scar in the middle of your face.  I personally feel the risk of performing this surgery is not worth the risk of an unacceptable scar.  Other surgeons feel the risk is worth taking.  The question you have to answer for yourself is how will you feel if you are the one with the unacceptable scar.

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Correction of aging I should be done by someone who performed this operation a lot.

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Changing the ethnicity of Asian eyes is well discussed in the literature. Choose a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience with this operation.

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