I have a round,hard granuloma forming on my nose. It feels perfectly round & circular. Is hard to the touch.What do I do?(photo)

I was injected with Radiesse/Sculptra/Botox by two different practitioners. Each of them is blaming the other for the granuloma in the nose area and are both suggest different treatment methods from lasers to hydrolase to combat this problem. I need expert advice and am seeking to travel anywhere in order to rectify this. The granuloma grows bigger by the day and is right on the tip of my nose. The skin is so thin there and am worried about steroid injections. What should I do?

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Results of Radiesse/Sculptra/Botox - Seek an Expert

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I suggest an in person consultation for further evaluation and assessment. It will be important to know which areas of the face were treated with each individual filler, or in combination. Please see an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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