I feel like my boob's feel still after 3 months. Are they still dropping? (photos)

It's been almost 3 months since I got my boob's done. I went from a 34A to 34D. 520cc under the muscle. I still feel like my sternum is swollen. They are still too hard to push together so I cannot form a cleavage. The middle looks a little odd. I don't have that cleavage everyone has after breast augmentation.

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No cleavage

Your lack of cleavage is difficult because when the implants are under the muscle, the pectoralis muscles keep the implants separated.  Also, the size of your implants are quite large, but that was the choice of your surgeon and you.  To correct this, I would suggest smaller implants placed OVER  the muscle.

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When implants are slow to settle

it can be concerning as your photo in your bikini top suggests.  But is your implant a smooth round or textured implant as the latter are not supposed to settle as much as the smooth round.  And if the skin between the mounds is elevated, you should be discussing options with your surgeon on how to improve it if it remains that way.  Your surgeon should share your goals of the best outcome possible and if improvements can be made, should be letting you know what can be done.  And you should also know your surgeon's revision policy as it may be needed.

Curtis Wong, MD
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I feel like my boob's feel still after 3 months. Are they still dropping? (photos)

I appreciate your question and photos.In my opinion, your #breasts do appear too high. It may take some #massage, #compression and time to see improvement. You are at 3 months recovery, it is usually recommended that you will see continued changes from three to six months. I suggest that you see a #Boardcertifiedplasticsurgeon to discuss your concerns. A #revision #surgery may, unfortunately, be in your future. Best wishes to you!

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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High breasts and stiffness

your breasts look high and need more massaging to push them down
you can use a bando  to encourage them to come down
a physiotherapist can help with breast massage
if in another 4 to 5 months they do not come down with massaging then you might need surgery to bring them down 
capsular contracture may be contributing to your high position

Kimit Rai, MD, FRCS(C)
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Loss of Cleavage


It is likely you will drop more, but you have lifted the skin off of the sternum, aka symmastia.  This occurred because there was a lack of appreciation of your initial soft tissue capacity, and it's inability to accommodate that sized implant.

You will likely need a revision surgery.  Unfortunately, switching to a narrower implant without going considerably smaller (UHP) is not the answer, and in fact would make things worse by pulling the skin farther away due to their extra projection. 

You should visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons that are expert in revision breast surgery.

Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Are they still dropping?

At three months they should pretty much have dropped and should be softer. I did not see what profile implants you have but from the looks of your chest you seem to have moderate profile. At the volume you have you would certainly need a more narrow based implant probably high or ultra high profile. That gives the volume you are looking for but in an implant that may fit your base diameter better. I say all of this having no idea what profile you have or what your base diameter is. They just look too wide for your chest. I would go see your original surgeon or seek a new board certified plastic surgeon and consult with them. 



Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Boobs: are they still dropping?

In my opinion your breasts are gong to stay where they are since they were placed under the muscle rather than under the breast tissue causing an abnormal elevation of the implants consistent  with the muscle location rather than the location of the breast. 
3 months is a long time to wait for implants to drop!!! 
Consult with aboard certified plastic surgeon about your options. 

Leon Goldstein, MD
Madison Plastic Surgeon
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Not happy with boobs

My only recommendation to you is that your breast implants are too large based on you nipple position; as such your nipples are not going to be centered on your breasts thus making them suboptimal in position.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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3 mos out

 At three months post breast augmentation surgery, your implants should have softened up, and you should be able to form cleavage by pushing them together. I recommend you contact your PS with your concerns and make an appointment for them to see you in person.  

Michael E. Ciaravino, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Still feel too far apart?

With your complaints this far after surgery, I recommend you be seen by your operating plastic surgeon who can best assess you. You may have to accept based on your anatomy to begin with that you may not be able to narrow as much as you like the space between your breast. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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