I just had a breast reduction and lift, with liposuction to the underarms and flanks. On Monday July 11th

I was a large C cup and really wanted to be a small B cup. My breast look as large as they did when I started and not like a small B cup at all. My old bra fits the same. He said he would go as small as he could with blood supply allowing. But this looks like a large C at the moment, very similar to how I started but more lifted. How much do they go do down with swelling etc? Is there a chance I will lose a whole breast size?

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When not appreciating any difference in size following a reduction

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you can ask your surgeon how much tissue was removed and with that, can predict what outcome you will have.  There is swelling now so that must resolve before you will see what your results will be.  My patients are guaranteed to be smaller but I cannot do anything beyond that.  If they want smaller, I get more aggressive and sometimes get down to a generous B cup.  To eliminate the concerns about blood supply, you could have had an amputation technique (nipple graft) to truly be the most aggressive but now you will have numb nipples and will not breast feed ever.  So everything comes with risks and benefits.  Hoping you will get the result you desire once youare completely healed.  And if you don't, you can ask your surgeon about options for helping you further reduce your size.

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Insufficient Breast Reduction

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Hello,I know your initial concern was scaring from the lollypop type of reduction. Unfortunately, many surgeons are not as aggressive with tissue removal with the lollypop technique. I'm not sure what kind of reduction you received, but you would need to be examined and preoperative photos analyzed to make a comment about swelling and ultimate size. Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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