I had a breast lift & reduction 6 weeks ago. Everything has gone well and I love my breast. But I know have a open wound (Photo)

I had a breast lift and reduction 6 weeks ago. Everything has gone well and I love by breast. But I now have a open wound on my incision. It was very small in the morning and had grown larger in the evening. It continusly pusses and burns. I am taking Bactrim and an antibiotic clear ointment per my surgeons instructions but what is this and the cause of it?

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Breast reduction

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It is relatively common to have the healing problems like you are describing. Breast reductions have extensive lengths of incisions, which have tension and relatively weak blood supply so small areas of breakdown happen. Also, there are many absorbable sutures that tend to surface that can cause small wounds. These areas will heal, but it takes some time and work. The pain you are describing can be lessened by keeping the exposed raw surface protected with an ointment and absorptive pad (breast feeding pads or sanitary napkins).Make sure to follow your surgeon’s recommendations. Hang in there and thanks for sharing!

Wound after Breast Reduction

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It is not uncommon to have a small area that opens after a breast reduction. You have a long incision with a lot of initial tension on the incision which can make the wound prone to breaking down in small areas. I recommend that you continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon regarding wound care and give it some time to heal. It is small enough that it will likely heal with wound care. 

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Post breast reduction small open wound

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Hello JKing001-
Its not uncommon to have a little area open up along the incision for a variety of reasons. It is nothing to worry about especially as you have stayed in touch with your plastic surgeon. This area should heal up form the inside out ("healing by secondary intention") and the resulting scar will probably look like the scar above and below this area (i.e. you should not notice any significant difference in the final scar). 
So, just follow your surgeon's directions and everything should work out well. Obviously, if the wound changes for the worse, let your surgeon know. 

Good luck.

I had a breast lift & reduction 6 weeks ago. Everything has gone well and I love my breast. But I know have a open wound ?

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Thank you for your question and congratulations for your recent operation.
It is not unusual after a breast reduction to have some areas of delayed healing and when treated adequately, this not affects the final cosmetic outcome. From the photos you have healed very well and the area of concern is very limited. Conservative treatment (antibiotics and daily wound care) are usually the best way to guide the healing. In case you notice any worsening, you should contact the office of your surgeon and ask for advice. Avoid any smoking (I am sure you don't smoke)!

All the best

Andrea Marando

Breast reduction wound

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The wound you have developed may have a suture in it. This may need to be removed to help the wound to heal.  You should see your surgeon to follow up on the healing process.

Breast reduction and open wound

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I'm glad you are happy with your result. Breast reduction patients are generally very satisfied with their outcomes. It is very common to have small openings in the skin either right after surgery or several weeks post-op like yourself. In your case it appears you have a stitch abscess. Again, this is very common. There are probably many dissolvable sutures under your skin that should just disappear over several months. Sometimes the suture will pop up through the skin and create a painful pimple-like bump which will then open releasing whitish suture material. The treatment is exactly what you are doing: keep clean and covered with antibiotic ointment. It will close up by itself and will look fine eventually. Stay in touch with your surgeon obviously. Good luck!
Thomas Taylor, MD
Pasadena, CA

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