I got a BL/BA 3 wks ago and have noticed that my breasts are not even! (photos)

Will my breast even out once they've completely healed? My breast are naturally asymmetrical. My left breast (your right) is 1cm 1/2 higher than my right. I have Smooth Round High Profile Saline Implants. I got 375cc's on my left breast and 400cc's on my right. I also had an anchor lift. Will my breast start to even out as they continue to drop and the swelling goes down?

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Must be patient now

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and allow yourself to heal and for all swelling to resolve.  I emphasize to my patients, the importance of upper pole fullness and important it is for it to be level with other aspects of the breasts less important.  But if you end up with one noticeably larger, you will have to consider revisions to correct that with the specific procedure tailored to your preferences.

Will my breast change over time ?

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Congratulations on your recent surgery and thank you for the question! You are still in the early stages of healing and your breast can change with a little time.  Since you did mention you had a little asymmetrical areas prior to surgery you could possibly still have this after. If you have any concerns I would recommend you talk to your surgeon.  Best of Luck !  

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