I had a BCC on the right alar of my nose followed by MOHS. The bump terrifies me; is it too soon to be worried? (Photo)

After having Mohs surgery, 3 weeks later I had the reconstruction with a skin graft from my chin. It's been 4 weeks now, and all I can see is a bump, with different colors and textures. I know this takes time to heal because of the blood supply, etc and the skin has to come back to life. My concern is that the bump will never come down and the ala of my nose won't we flat again. I really don't care too much about the color, but the bump terrifies me. Is it too soon to be worried?

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Bump should improve with time

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As time passes, the bump should smooth out. Daily massage will also help break up the scar tissue to flatten it. If it has not improved after a couple months, there are treatments that can help give you a better cosmetic look, like kenalog injections or laser resurfacing. I know it can be tough, but give it some more time. Hang in there!

Madison Dermatologic Surgeon

Moh's bump

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Short answer - yes. The fullness should improve with time and massage and will most likely end with an acceptable result. There are many ways to correct a defect such as this including skin grafting and a variety of local flaps.

Paul Buhrer, MD
Annapolis Plastic Surgeon

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