I want more aestetic ears. Can otoplasty or earlobe reduction work? (photos)

Hello again! I wanted to ask my question again, seems like I couldn't explain well. Can my ears get pinned? My ears doesn't seem big but their position is not 100% aestetic. What can be done? I want my ears' position and shape to look like Mario Lopez's ears. Are my ears big or is it just because of their position and angle? Thanks a lot.

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Wanting to change ears

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Your ears do not look bad and do not require pinning. It seems the vertical height is more than you'd like so reducing the lobule size might be an option for you.

Washington DC Otolaryngologist

Achieving someone else's ears

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is not possible... but you can improve symmetry as your right ear sticks out a little more and you do have generous lobes that could be reduced.  See some local surgeons for an evaluation and recommendations and costs.

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