I am 54 and have lax skin. Could I have liposuction on my thighs with good results? (Photo)

I am 54 and have lax skin due to gaining and losing weight many times. I am currently carrying too much weight on my thighs and hips. Could I have liposuction on my thighs with good results?

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I am 54 and have lax skin. Could I have liposuction on my thighs with good results?

While liposuction can remove fat in those areas, it will not help with the lax skin and could make it worse.  Pictures or an exam would be necessary to formulate an opinion.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD

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Liposuction For Thighs at Age 54

An ideal  #candidate for Vaser Liposuction is a person in good health who seeks a minimally invasive way to remove stubborn fat with less downtime than traditional #liposuction.  Vaser is ideal for those seeking improved definition of muscles and contouring.  Those who seek increased sculpting of are ideal vaser lipo candidates.

There are three types of #Vaser Lipo. Each benefit patients differently depending on their needs. Vaser Lipo  is capable of removing fat from resilent areas providing a smoother and slimmer results. It is common for reducing love handles, extra skin along the bra line or flanks on many female patients. Additionally, it is often applied to the reduction of male breast surgeries, called gynecomastia surgery. Meanwhile, Vaser Hi-Def  targets both deep and superficial fat cells which is found around muscle tissue. This is suggested to tone and defined rather than reduce fat when not necessary. Finally, Vaser #4D, although similar to Vaser Hi-Def works well with the existing muscle tissue.. However, it results in more natural appearing definition to those areas, being treated. Vaser 4D is often applied to treating abdominal region to improve definition.  Additionally, it's not uncommon for Vaser Liposuction to combined with fat transfer which removes and transfers fat to another area of the body. 

It's best to begin consulting with a board certified plastic surgery to learn if you are a candidate for liposuction. If so, you will then learn more about which #technique will work best for you and your goals. It is important you select a plastic surgeon who is #board-certified and has a great deal of experience with #vaser #liposuction. Aside from checking board-certification, it is suggested that you look at before and after photos of the surgeons actual patients, and read patient reviews. Gathering all of this information will help you make a well-informed decision. Always discuss your issues and concerns with the Plastic Surgeon during and following your consultation. Information that you read online may not apply to your personal situation.

Thigh liposuction

Depending on your skin quality and amount, it may be possible to perform thigh liposuction with good results. If you skin is stretched or you have too much skin, then liposuction may end up making your thighs look deflated, saggy, or worse. It is important to have an in-office examination to determine the best treatment option for your thighs. Hope this helps!

Johnson C. Lee, MD Plastic Surgery

Johnson C. Lee, MD
Johnson C. Lee, MD
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Liposuction/ Liposculpture/ Fat Transfer/ Vaser/ Hi Definition Procedures/Liposuction Revision/Tummy Tuck/Body Contouring

I appreciate your question.

I specialize in Liposuction and Body Contouring procedures.  Without photos, difficult to comment.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.

Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

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Lax Skin and Liposuction

I don't see the attached photo unfortunately but liposuction will take away fat but not tighten the skin. If you have large volumes of skin please seek a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for a surgical opinion. In your area I recommend Dr. Grant Stevens or any of his partners. Best of Luck!

I am 54 and have lax skin. Could I have liposuction on my thighs with good results?

Lax skin does not respond well to liposuction, however patients with excess diet resistant fat who wish to avoid a thigh lift (and its scars) may consider liposuction to shrink their silhouette.  This means that you will look and feel smaller in clothing but will have lax inelastic skin remaining present.  Some consider an inner thigh lift with incision lines hidden in the groin area.  Meet with an ABPS Bd Certified plastic surgeon to discuss all of the options available to you.  Regards,

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Jon A. Perlman, MD
Jon A. Perlman, MD
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Avoid liposuction

Based on your age and the fact that you say you have loose skin, I would avoid liposuction.

Additionally, the energy/heat producing liposuction techniques may sound attractive but I do not think they will result in any significant amount of skin tightening.

You should definitely consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon and confirm.

Good luck.

Gil Kryger, MD
Gil Kryger, MD
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Avoid liposuction

From what you describe the simple answer is no.

Everything you're saying points to you not being good candidate for inner thigh liposuction.

The area generally does not given all that impressive results even when patients have tight skin.

Patients with loose skin generally need a thigh lift.

Consult with several board-certified plastic surgeon's to see what realistic options are for you.

It's always best to get to your ideal weight before proceeding with cosmetic surgery.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

Getting the results you want with VASER Hi Def, ThermiRF, ultrasound, fat grafting

I recommend getting a formal evaluation with a body contouring expert. I suggest VASER HI Def in combination with ThermiRF, ultrasound and fat grafting to get the most fat removal, skin tightening, and contouring, if you're a candidate. However, if there is too much skin laxity, skin removal surgery would be needed and can be combined with your other procedures. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Jason Emer, MD
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