Is my healing going bad? (Photo)

I had a breast lift a week ago and shortly after I got fluid filled bubbles on my nipples. The fluid has now came out but my skin is VERY weak where the fluid once was and is even beggining to peel. Scared for infections and scarring with the open wound. My surgeon is on vacation but before she left I was told apply a lot of A&D to avoid nipple skin sticking to the nipple pads. I was a smoker before the surgery I do admit. Thank you for your answers.

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See your surgeon

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You need to get in to see your surgeon or whomever is covering for your surgeon while he or she is away. You are going to need skin healing help asap. Sorry that you are experiencing this. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Breast lift

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I appreciate your question.
My concern is for swelling causing nipple necrosis
The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.
Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

best of luck!

Dr Schwartz

Ischemia from smoking

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Sorry to hear about your situation. From the photos you have some lack of blood flow to the nipple and edges of the tissue that has been separated from the breast. This is not uncommon in smokers. There are creams which increase the blood flow. You will need some skin healing help from your PS. Follow up with your PS ASAP. Good luck

Wound healing issues after a breast lift

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Thank you for sending your pictures and question. Unfortunately you appear to have some wound healing issues that are most likely related to poor blood supply. This is commonly seen in smokers and at this time I would recommend good wound care and to meet with your plastic surgeon as soon as she returns.

Delayed wound healing after breast lift.

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Sorry to hear you are having this problem. From your picture I can see you have epidermolysis (superficial skin loss) around the scar and over you nipple-areolar complex. As the skin loss is relatively superficial it should heal well. However without examination it is a bit difficult to evaluate the extension of skin necrosis.

To help the healing process please keep it clean and protect it with non adhesive dressings (Mepitel, Inadine or any other similar dressings).

If you notice that your breast became red or swollen you need to see plastic surgeon as soon as possible as it can be caused by infection.

If the damage is only superficial it usually heals without leaving unfavourable scars.

I hope that helps.

I wish you to heal well and soon.

Best wishes.


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