Hair transplant 5 days post op. I plucked some transplant grafts and they bled a little bit. Have I lost the grafts permanently?

Is 5 days post op enough time for the graft to become fully rooted? Does bleeding when plucking a hair transplant always mean a graft is lost? Is it possible to bleed when a graft is plucked, but not have it necessarily mean the graft is permanently lost? What does a plucked transplant hair follicle look when you have removed the snore graft growth center included?

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5 days

Most grafts are "planted" by 5 days.  While it is possible to rip them out, it probably isn't easy but you certainly shouldn't try.  We tell our patients to rinse the day after surgery and give them very specific hair washing protocols.  You should discuss your concerns with your doctor.

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What to Expect After Hair Transplant

Five day after hair transplant is when your transplanted hair should be taken and won't come out.  This has been studied, but we don't recommend plucking them.  We usually recommend resuming a regular hair wash at 5 days and if scabs persist a more aggressive one.  Bleeding within the first few days might be associated with losing a graft and it should be discussed with your primary surgeon.

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If you plucked out the transplanted grafts and it bled, you probably lost those grafts. It makes sense, right?

If you plucked out the transplanted grafts and it bled, you probably lost those grafts (at least the way you describe it). It makes sense, right? Don't do that anymore and if you are concerned follow up with your doctor for a recheck.

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It can take 3-7 days to finalize rooting of grafts so it is possible you damaged the grafts but a follow up is recomended.

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Plucked out a grafts a 5 days

From what you described, it sounds like you did puck out grafts. Bleeding is something I would expect when you did this. With good washing techniques, there is never a reason to pick out the crusts. 

William Rassman, MD
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Injury after Hair Transplant

First of all, why are you "plucking" a graft after it has just been implanted? Bleeding does not always mean a graft has been dislodged. It may just be bleeding from a small portion of that recipient site. Stop picking at your transplant and go see your HT doc. 

Alan S. Feller, DO
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