Hair transplant age 19, not because of balding?

Hi all, I'm wondering if there are doctors out there who preform hair transplants on an aesthetic basis. I have always been self-conscious over my very large forehead, which is due to the location of my natural hairline. I know this is difficult to assess without photos but can the procedure be done?

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19 and wants hair line lowering procedure

Cosmetic surgery addresses the needs of people to make them look like they want to look. To do a hair line lowering procedure in the form of a hair transplant, first I would want to examine you with an Instrument called HAIRCHECK to see if there is any early balding on the horizon. Your great enemy here is male pattern balding for if you lower your hairline, and you should develop male pattern balding, then all of the hair behind the lowered hairline runs the risk of loss. I would consider doing this but first would want to meet you, bond with you, assess your maturity and your understanding of the balding risk. Worth a free consultation as you are in our area.

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Reduce big forehead.

 A hairline lowering /forehead reduction operation can be performed which lowers the hairline by stretching the scalp and removing a strip of forehead skin. This gives an almost instantaneous result when compared to hair transplants which can also work but they take two procedures and a year of growth to get equivalent results. 

Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD FACS
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If you have a large forehead and would like surgical options, it is still an aesthetic surgery much like men who want surgery fo

If you have a large forehead and would like surgical options, it is still an aesthetic surgery much like men who want surgery for male pattern balding. 

The best thing to do is to see a doctor for a consultation.

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Hair transplant at the age of 19

Hi dear, I think you have answered the question yourself in the last line by writing that it is difficult to assess the need of transplant without photographs. However if the patient is having non progressive cause of baldness like traction alopecia then the procedure can be done.

Kapil Dua, MBBS, MS
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