Gum grew back more than before post Cosmetic Crown lengthening? (photo)

I had cosmetic crown lengthening done on my front two teeth 5 days ago and have noticed my gums are healing with a thicker papilla (middle of my two front teeth area). I hate it. Is this the way my body heals or the periodontist fault? Also, it was done with scalpel when I initially thought it would be laser. Please help.

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Gum grew back more than before post Cosmetic Crown lengthening?

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It has only been five days, needs more time to heal up. There may be some inflammation and swelling, which should subside. Most important it to have meticulous oral hygiene during the healing phase. Also, would really be best to have meticulous oral hygiene the rest of your life, every day.

Sometimes it may take a week to several months to see the final results.

If the periodontist had to remove any bone to do your crown lengthening, then he pretty much had to use the scalpel approach. However, there are some lasers that actually remove bone underneath the gums without the need for using a scalpel.

In our practice we do much gingival laser recontouring with the dental gum laser, however one has to have a slight bit of excess gums to utilize this approach. The good thing about laser is that it is less invasive and heals up much quicker and without as much discomfort. However, most periodontists aren't given much laser training in their residency and get their laser training later, mostly through organizations like the American Academy of Laser Dentistry. Also, most periodontists don't even have lasers.

Below are some examples of gum recontouring using the dental gum laser.

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