How many grafts can i get from my donor-area? (photo)

Hallo, i am 69 years old and wanted to know how my donor-area is. Am i a good candidate for a FUE-Hairtransplant? How many grafts could be extracted from my donor? Thank you

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You cannot determine your donor hair density with photos. It requires a microscopic exam.

You cannot determine your donor hair density with photos.  It requires a microscopic exam.  You you are considering FUE you must understand its limitation and the fact you would have to shave your head for the surgery.

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How Many Grafts Do I Have

It is hard to say unless you have a hair loss evaluation that determines the quality of your donor hair and its hair density.  I would recommend you to see a good hair transplant doctor who can perform a microscopic evaluation (miniaturization study) and plan your hair restoration treatment.

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How many grafts can be extracted from the donor area?

You are a grade six on the Norwood scale of hair loss and depending on your donor density, you can be a good candidate for hair restoration. However, from your pictures it is hard to tell the density. It is best to do an in person consultation, so we can give you realistic expectation and answer your questions. We have several offices in Southern California and we offer free consult to our realself clients. You can call our office to make an appointment for a consult. 

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How many grafts

To determine the number of grafts you can get, you would have to get your donor density measured. WE routinely perform donor density measurements in our patients in the free office visit assessment of a potential surgery patient. FUE or strip surgery can be done, but depending upon the donor density, one may be better than the next. See a picture of a Class 7 patient I did a while back on a man of your age.  In the video below, one of the two men is 65 years old, hard to believe?

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Aprox. 1000-1200 grafts

For what is seen in the picture we can probably take between 1000 and 1200 grafts from your donor area. Only through a one on one consultation it will be possible to assess your donor area and discuss your goals.Best of lucks and don't hesitate to ask more questions as they arise.

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Not enough.

Thanks for asking the question, but FUE would just not yield enough hair to make it worth while. An FUT (Strip) may be better, a higher yield, but again would it give you any benefit.
I guess you would want an honest answer.
Sorry I couldn't give you a more promising one.

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