Would I be a good candidate for a liquid facelift? What is the price range for such a procedure? (Photo)

I'm 32 but I look 20 years older and tired. I Want to look younger.

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Liquid face lift at 32

Thank you for your question about your liquid face lift.

  • The liquid face lift uses fillers to plump out the face -
  • And is usually used for people whose faces have thinned with time or have dropped.
  • At least in the photos, I see a woman with a full face - suggesting fillers would not be helpful.
  • There are many things that contribute to our looking older than we want -
  • Stress, depression, fatigue, illness, sun damaged skin and obesity among them.
  • I suggest you have both a consultation with a plastic surgeon to see what might be done to help you and also see your PCP to be sure other issues aren't dragging you down.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

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Would I be a good candidate for a liquid facelift? What is the price range for such a procedure?

Hello PrettyBrownThickness.

Hi and thanks for this question. I do believe you would benefit from the liquid face lift approach. Most individuals need a dermal filler on the cheek ares to improve the laugh lines to restore a more youthful looking cheek area.

Dysport or Botox can be used to relax the muscles which cause wrinkles int he forehead, frowns and crow's lines. I'm not sure about the prices where you live. 

Depending on the number of syringes and the products, the costs range from $2500.00 to $5000.00. 

Best wishes, Dr. Aldo

Aldo Guerra, MD
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Thank you for your photos. A liquid facelift is a good option for you to consider. A  liquid facelift helps restore your face’s naturally young and healthy appearance. The treatment uses dermal fillers such as Restylane and Bellafill which help your wrinkles dissipate and any sunken areas of your face. For more information, please get a in person consultation from a board-certified dermatologist. 

Bruce E. Katz, MD
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When is it time to start treatments for anti-aging

When consulting a client Dr. Ebrahim recommends a combination of treatments usually depending on your age and the quality of your skin.  

An energy based treatment like Ultherapy, microneedling or skin tight  stimulates your body to produce collagen . 

Then you may consider dermal fillers  to redefine the jaw line, treat marionette lines , and fill sagging in the lower face.  In Vancouver, Dr Ebrahim offers a complimentary consultation to determine the right treatment for clients based on their individualized concerns.  

Shehla Ebrahim, MD
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Liquid face lift

The goal is to establish balance between the cheeks and lower face jowls - so filler into the cheek area is a good place to start.

T.G. Khan, DO, FACS
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Candidate for liquid facelift

Based on the photos, you do not appear to be a typical patient for a liquid facelift. However, you may benefit from a consultation with an experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeon to review ways to rejuvenate you. 

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Liquid Facelift - Am I A Candidate?

Thank you for your question. You do not appear to be an ideal candidate for a liquid facelift. Better results are achieved in women with thinner faces who would benefit by adding volume. Stress, depression, and fatigue all contribute to looking older than we feel. It's probably best to discuss your concerns with your primary care physician. Hope this helps and good luck!

Steven J. Rottman, MD, FACS
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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