Ghost double showing in my vision 1 year after Lasik, Dr says its too minor for revision. Is this too minor to risk Lasik again?

living life with a slight blur. age 32. lasik 1yr ago. Nearsighted, slight astigmatism in R. -2.75 contacts for 10+ yrs. 3months after lasik noticed a ghost image around things. some lighting/times of day make it impossible to ignore. Doc says everything is ok~not dry, but my issue is too minor to risk 2nd lasik so he wont. I need glasses to drive, malls, airports, living rooms, or the ghost image around everything affects me too much. I am now 1.25 R & .075 L. Is this too minor to risk lasik again? get a 2nd opinion?

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Ghosting after Lasik

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I would highly recommend a second opinion. If a pair of glasses solves your ghosting problem then Lasik would most likely solve the problem as well. An enhancement Lasik is a very low-risk treatment and is highly recommended if it can improve your vision.

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