Is it possible to get a FUE - hair transplant. (photos)

Hallo, as you can see in the photos, i have significant hair-loss on the entire upper head. I want to get an hair-transplant and wanted to know, how many grafts would be needed approximately and if my donor-area is okay. I think it got a bit thin during the last years. I am 30 years and on Finasterid and Minoxidil since 10 years. It think my hair-loss stabilized during the last years. My goal would be to get a complete coverage of my upper head. Thank you for your answers

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It is possible to have a FUE surgery but you would need to see a doctor for an examination and consultation.

It is possible to have a FUE surgery but you would need to see a doctor for an examination and consultation.

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Possible to get a FUE

your donor area is good enough to get thousands of grafts .I advise you to have a FUE operation with 2300-2400 grafts  that will cover all  area in one session of operation . But your real defect is not shown because of positive effect of minox. Take that in to consideration that ıf you stop to use it , you loss much and defect would greater in 3-4 months. 

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
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FUE Hairtransplant for hair loss

from looking at your pictures, you are an excellent candidate for hair transplant. You can do hair transplant to replace the lost hair and continue with your medical hair regiment to keep your native hair. We offer free consultation and have offices in Los Angeles area. 

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FUE procedure

Based on your pictures, you are a candidate for the fue procedure.   A key component of the equation will be your expected results and a comprehensive plan to not only treat your hair loss now but also prevent further loss in future. 

We at AlviArmani are the modern day inventors of FUE, have performed more cases than anyone worldwide, have performed exclusively FUE since 2006 in all of our clinics.  There is simply no one with more experience in transplant procedures and particularly FUE, including body harvesting, beard harvesting, eyebrow restorations, hairline and facial framing design, temple closure, and temple angle restoration.  

You can contact our clinic in Beverly Hills for more information and consultation. 

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Sure it can be done!

Can it be done -- yes! Dr. Rassman is in your neighborhood -- go see him! He is truly a world's expert.  I think you would do well with the ARTAS FUE. You're in a good situation because your hairline is okay, you just need more density.  Good luck!

Robert S. Houser, DO
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Wants FUE

Yes, you can get an FUE. Come visit us in Los Angeles. My partner Dr. Pak and I are the patent holder inventor of two core technologies of the hair transplant robot, submitting two patents in 2003 and getting them issued in 2006. The manufacture of the robot took 4 years to build the ARTAS robot starting in 2006 after the company acquired a license from me.  I am also the modern day inventor of the FUE procedure, doing these FUE procedures longer than anyone in the US, dating back to 1996. I published the first article on FUE in 2002 and then the rest is history. The reason I invented the robot was because too many doctors failed to perform FUE successfully, which is somewhat the case today. The ARTAS leveled the playing field as far as doing the extractions for FUE. I hold now 17 US patents on various hair technologies and publish in medical journals and medical textbooks extensively. 

William Rassman, MD
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