FUE hair transplant full head shave?

I asked this question before. Based on the answers it was my understanding that the recipient site did not have to be shaved. However, it seems that all the pictures and all the YouTube videos show people with their head completely shaved. I work with the public and would need to take at least a month off of work if I have to shave my head completely. Can anybody give me some clarification?

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Shaving with FUE

Only the donor area needs to be shaved and is usually grows out nicely in a week or so with a short hair cut look. The man in the web reference below is a good example of FUE with quick healing. We have many men with that type of clean look and their hair long. 

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Shaving the recipient site

The recipient site does not need to be shaved, however it makes it easier to see the scalp to create the recipient sites and will help prevent shock loss to the surrounding hair.  You can also try the non shaven FUE technique however this limits your donor zone and the number of grafts that can be obtained in a surgery.  It depends on how many grafts are needed.

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Thank you for your question. There are many approaches to head-shaving and some surgeons allow the patient to choose or perform the shaving which is easiest for the surgeon to administer the procedure. I suggest that you consult with an experienced board certified facial plastic surgeon as evidenced by their education credentials, years in practice, before/after photos and testimonials.

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Shaving your head depends on your doctor's preference or experience. It is not an absolute or mandatory.

Shaving your head depends on your doctor's preference or experience. It is not an absolute or mandatory.

Only the donor area has to be shaved for FUE.

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FUE hair transplant full head shave?

Thank you for posting your question. This is a common questions we get often. Patients have the option of doing shaved and non-shaved with our clinic. We always recommend the shave session (donor and recipient) but for those patients who require to be in film, TV, or in the public eye, we offer non-shaving sessions if the graft count is under 2000 fue grafts. Hope this helps. But if they require over 3000 or 4000 grafts, its best option to shave. 

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Shaving head for FUE - Non shaven method

Non shaven FUE could be done that you not only don't have to shave the recipient area, the donor does not need to be shaved either.  In this method we cut individual hair follicular units and cut only the ones that need to be extracted.  The rest of the scalp stays with long hair and there won't be any evidence of any procedure at the end of the procedure.

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Shaving head for FUE hair transplant

For FUE hair transplant it is best to shave the donor hair area so that the direction and orientation of the hair can be better estimated.  However the recipient area does not need to be shaved. Therefore a full head shave is not necessary.

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Only Donor Site Needs to be Shaven for FUE Hair Transplant #seattlehairtransplant

  • We only shave the donor site for FUE hair transplantation.
  • It is not necessary to shave the recipient site.  In fact, shaving the recipient site can cause issues because it is nice to see exactly which direction the hairs are going surrounding the areas to be transplanted.  This helps us place the follicular units with the correct orientation. 
  • The donor site hair grows back and looks great after 10 days or so.

Hair style for FUE

You really only need to shave the donor area.  Depending on the extent of transplant and how many grafts you are doing, some patients prefer to "buzz it all down" and let it all grow at once.  I attached a video of a patient of mine, you can see from the results at one week that I only cut his hair from the donor area.  I left the area over the crown/vertex as is.  He is a younger guy, so he didnt mind.  I find patients heal very fast and have no problems with the process.  Hope this helps answer your question.

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Dr Alba Reyes

With FUE it is important to shave the extraction/ donor area and not necessarily the implant area as well. Best of luck

Alba Reyes, MD
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