Frenulum clitoridis has been tearing for years permanently. What do I do?

So today I stretched my labia Minora all the way. And boom, my frenulum tore. When I google this only male information comes up and when I google surgical repair for this nothing comes up only information for males.

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Labial tear

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The labia should withstand most activity without tearing.  This could be indicative of a skin condition or gynecologic condition.  An experienced general and cosmetic gynecologist can evaluate for skin conditions and check other factors if needed.  Correction may include hormones, non-invasive management, or surgical revision of the area.  It is important to evaluate for the underlying condition that may be associated with the tearing.

Frequent tearing

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If you pull your labia hard enough it will tear.  Its likely that it will heal on its own but if its a frequent problem you probably should arrange a consultation with your gynaecologist to rule out any other concerns.  

Photos are really needed here

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to allow the bleacher spectators to comment appropriately but how did you stretch out your labia?  Obviously if you're doing something at extremes, find another way to do it.  Labia are very accommodating so its very unusual for you to tear but once you tear, the scar that heals (and it will) will be weaker than your normal skin so it tears easier the next time and you repeat your cycle.  As for repairing acute tears, we believe it has to be done within 5 hours of injury or its doomed to fail... unless the edge can be excised and fresh edges created.

Frenulum clitoridis has been tearing

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We would love to see a pic if possible.   Please see your gynecologist or a cosmetic gynecologist for a more detailed evaluation and management options.

Best of luck.

Egad! Pulled my labia away from its attachment via frenulum! What to do??

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Need a photo (or see a good plastic or cosmetic Gyn...) to comment. Probably will heal on its own. Would need to be "sewn" within 36-48 hours of tear otherwise it won't hold. If it's longer, would need to wait for total healing to re-repair, but honestly, you probably won't need surgery. OUCH! Be gentler when you pleasure yourself...

:)  Michael P Goodman MD

Davis, CA, USA

Frenulum tear

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This can be treated medically or treated. However, I would need to see you or photos.

Gary J. Alter, M.D.

Beverly Hills, CA - Manhattan, NY

Frenulum tear

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Depending upon the degree of tear, a surgical repair may or may not be required. Best to consult with a labiaplasty specialist near you for a physical exam and any necessary treatment. Glad to help. 

Stretching your labia all the way is not a good idea

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If you pull your labia hard enough, they will tear. No surprise here and certainly not a sign of anything that requires a surgical fix. If you're experiencing tears and not pulling very hard, you might need to see your gynecologist and get checked for infection or other conditions which can weaken skin. Stop pulling your labia.

Torn Frenulum

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Without a photo and more medical information I cannot advise you with any specifics. A good place to begin though would be with your gynecologist. If they don't find a need for surgical repair and you are still bothered by this, then you should seek out the expertise of a reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD

Pelvic Surgery & Intimate Aesthetics®

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Frenulum clitoris has been tearing for years permanently. What do i do?

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Thank you for sharing your question.  Unfortunately without an in-person examination, or full series of photographs, it is difficult to offer definite recommendations.  I would see your ob/gyn to diagnose the problem and to have the appropriate treatment administered.  Best wishes.

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