My footplates were cut off by my doctor. Can anything be done to replace the little triangle?

i had a bad surgical outcome in a revision last year just to hide a few bossae on my tip, my entire nose was changed. specifically as I am consulting doctors, they tell me the last surgeon cut off my footplates and that now there is basically nothing i can do to replace them. i am devastated. i consulted with a very good surgeon who can give me back length and my columella but not the footplates. is there any hope that maybe this new doctor isn't aware of?

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Structural Revision Rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question.  I am sorry you are going through this.  In revisions requiring major tip reconstruction including adding length and columellar support, it is likely you will need cartilage grafting from a source besides your nose.  This would either be ear (most likely) or rib.  In that case, the grafts might be able to be carved in such a way as to re-create damaged or lost structures like the medial crural footplates.  When doing this, I always advise the patient that I am making the best of the situation and that I may be able to create a very close approximation of the lost or damaged structure, it will not likely appear exactly like the original.  There is hope, but I encourage you to face the very real prospect that it may not quite look or feel as it used to.  I hope this helps and I am sorry if this is not the news you were hoping to hear.

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