How can I fix my teeth? (Photo)

I'm self conscious about my teeth and want to change them. My front two teeth are very big and have a slight slant to the right. I also am not happy about the color of them all. Veneers could fix the teeth next to my front two, but I am unsure about the front two themselves as it would make them bigger? Thanks for any help in advance (18 y/o male for background information)

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Teeth too long, self conscious, color

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Your best option to fix all three problems of slanted teeth, too big teeth in the front and color would be 4 porcelain veneers and whitening the rest of your teeth. You also have recountoring and bonding options if price is an issue however, you will not get the natural beautiful smile you are looking for as easily.


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Veneers for long front teeth that make you self conscious #DrSoftTouch

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Veneers could be used to give you a broader, more symmetrical smile. I would recommend 8 to 10 porcelain veneers across the top for the best result. I'll include a link to a photo of a patient or mine whos case was pretty similar to yours. Six porcelain veneers completely changed his smile. I hope this helps.  You can click on save below my name if you think you may have some follow up questions of me.

How can I fix my teeth?

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You are an ideal candidate for EasySmile Veneers, which are direct resin veneers that are created with a technologically advanced resin.  This makes the veneers stronger and more stain resistant than traditional composite resin.  The material can be kept very thin, so your two front teeth will not look too large.  In fact, the current shape of your two front teeth is narrower than ideal. Also, your lateral incisors are small.  So correcting these two problems will give your teeth ideal proportions.   Unlike porcelain veneers, these veneers do not require any filing down of your teeth or removal of any healthy tooth structure.  So you will be assured of no sensitivity.  The procedure is done in 1 visit of less than 2 hours.  And the cost is less than half that of porcelain veneers.   Smile Preview Veneers can be created on your teeth which allow you to see how the final result will look before you commit to permanent treatment.  These only take a few minutes to form on your teeth, and if you decide you like the results, you can proceed with your treatment immediately.  EasySmile Veneers will last a long time and can easily be repaired with inexpensive touchups if ever needed.  They  are also reversible and can be removed without any harm to your teeth.    You can learn more by doing a Google search for EasySmile Veneers.  

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