Finally had my 4 permanent veneers placed on. How does it look? (Photo)

I had a 5mm gap that I had bonding put on in 1997 the gap started opening again and the bonding coloration changed. Got braces but ortho disnt remove all bonding so I got 4 veneers B1 color how do they look. I went to a dentist to have my veneers done now my retainer doesnt fit can I go my old ortho/dentist who did my braces and get a new retainer or cheaper? Because my new doctor wants to charge me 300. Oh I need two implants n I had a new crown put on which why it doesnt fit. Should I go back?

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I had my veneers placed, how do they look?

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I can see what we call "head lights" through your veneers.  This is a common mistake from the lab and the dentist if they did not remove enough tooth structure to support the porcelain in  a uniform thickness.  Unfortunately, they need to be redone.  Best regards, Dr. David Frey

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