Can filler be placed in nasal radix to treat dip from short Gore-Tex nasal implant and refine tip? (Photos)

I had rhinoplasty with a Gortex implant and bringing together cartilage at tip 14 years ago. The visible shadow/ dip at the radix from the implant possibly being too short for my nose has always bothered me. I would also like more definition in the tip. Can I augment radix and tip with fillers before making the decision on whether to replace the Gortex implant? At some point I would like to pursue alar base reduction for flaring and reducing overall width.

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Fillers for nasal defects

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Fillers are commonly used to change the shape of the nose in many dimnesions. Nasal humps can be dininished, tips can be refined and essentially a "liquid" rhinoplasty can be accomplished. As far as the alar width, fillers cannot change the width of the alar base. However, the surgery to decrease the alar width is simple and can be accomplished in the office with just local anesthesia.The incisiĆ³n is well hidden along the ala itself.

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