Fat Transfer from legs to buttocks for a square-shape fit butt, is this possible? (photos)

Is it possible to transfer fat from outer thighs and back thighs(under the buttocks)? i also would like to do lipo on my inner thighs, back and arms but i already had it done there. I would like to project the buttocks and make hips wider visually rather than increase it in size. Oh, and i hate those muscular dimples on the sides of the buttocks, can i fix that too?

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Skinny & Wanting a Booty

Hello, I appreciate the time you are spending researching this procedure.  

Based on your photos, there is limited fat available.  I think you will need a combination of lipo/fat transfer and butt implant to accomplish your goals.  The fat transfer can be used to round the frame and improve the dimples.  The implant would be used to get volume, projection, and further roundness to the butt.

If you have any further questions/comments/concerns please reach out.  Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!


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Thank you for your question and pictures, you can also have liposuction of your lower back to be able to collect more fat and give you a better result,consult with a board certified PS,good luck!

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Fat grafting to the buttocks

What you should have is transfer of fat from your lower back and flanks to the mid-lateral buttocks to improve your hourglass shape; this will also eliminate your masculine dimples. Please see link below.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
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Hello, thanks so much for sharing your pictures and inquiry. I would say that you have a beautiful shape already, but you might enhance it with liposuction, you might not have enough fat to transfer, but in an in person consultation that could be discussed. 

Please make sure that you and your surgeon are on the same page. Don't forget to discuss all your concerns, options and expectations thoroughly. Have a safe and pleasant PS Journey!
Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon
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Fat Transfer to Buttocks With Minimal Fat

Your body and booty look great. You don't have much fat to transfer. Sometimes removing fat with liposuction from your flanks/love handles, sacrum/lower back, and abdomen can give that smaller waist and wider hips/bigger buttocks appearance that you're looking for. An inperson examination will give you a much better and personalized plan as what can be done for you. Best of luck! 

Millicent Odunze-Geers, MD, MPH
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Fat transfer to buttocks

Everything you describe is possible but the results will be limited possibly very limited.

The back of the thigh's typically do not respond well to liposuction.

This has to do with the area generally not having much fat, being prone to cellulite either before or after the procedure.

Hey projection from fat transfer it's difficult.

The area kinds to be thin so there's not a sufficient amount of tissue to graft fat into.

It's easy to put fat there but the area becomes over treated quickly and the percentage of fat that survives tends to be low.

Perhaps the best treatment option is multiple small fat transfer sessions every six months until a better shape is achieved.

To conceptionally understand what fat transfer can achieve I like to explain it in terms of percentages.

If an area is 1 inch thick you can attempt to graft 1 inch of fat.

Of that you can anticipate keeping a maximum of 1/2 inch leaving the final thickness one and a half inches.

The hippie dippy area or buttocks dimple usually has less than half an inch of subcutaneous fat.

Grafting directly into the muscle in this area tends to be challenging and not successful either.

Compared to developing projection on the backside of the buttocks doing so on the outer sides simply doesn't work as well.

Liposuction in areas treated with liposuction in the past gives marginal improvement unless the tree event was not done correctly the first time.

I suggest having several in person consultations with board-certified plastic surgeon's who have extensive experience with Brazilian butt lift.

You know you're talking to someone who's experienced when they tell you the inherent limitations of fat transfer to the hotter or lateral aspect of the buttocks, hip dip area.

Anyone hotels you in the area can be substantially enlarged with permanent results it's probably either up selling, overpromising or simply doesn't have the experience.

Be careful when reviewing before and after pictures taken earlier after the procedure.

It's possible to graft lots of fat in the area making it look very impressive for the first month or two.

It's the long-term results that matter.


Mats Hagstrom M.D.

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