I had fat grafting 4 months ago (February). Since a month ago my skin texture is worse.

I had a fat grafting in feb. Since a month ago my skintexture is worse. Small white dots (not pimples), and the texture seem odd. Bigger poores. I also feel some lumps and It is swollen areas above my nasolabial fold, since a month. I went to my PS, and he suggested I should put in more- I will not do that. What is happening to my skin, does anyone know? I read about different side effects after fat grafting, and it sounds scary. Do I run a risk of skin necrosis or any other irreversible skin damage?

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Fat Grafting And Skin Texture Change

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Without photos we cannot really give you a good assessment.  If the fat was injected deeply for contour and volume, you should not see much skin texture change.  If it was injected superficially you may need to have a second opinion as to ensure there are no fat granulomas or inflammatory nodules/lumps that are changing the skin texture.  I wish you the best, Dr. Emer.

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