Fat from donor site loses at different rate than the surrounding facial fat. Will the contour of face look strange when I age?

I would like to clarify my question. The fat from abdomen and thigh seem to lose slower when we age because I see old people have fair amount of fat in these area. If I take the fat from these area and inject into my fat. After 10 years, I might lose a small amount of the injected fat and I will probably lose a lot of my natural facial fat. The contour might be a bit strange, because the volume of the injected fat is much bigger than my natural facial fat.

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Fat harvested from different locations have different longevity


That is a very thoughtful question you posed.  In my experience, I haven't seen a post-facial fat transfer "oddness".  It's still an excellent and thoughtful question!  Best of luck!

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Aging Facial Fat

I have been doing fat transfer for a long time.  Once fat is transferred to the face, it ages with the face.  There is no differential aging process that occurs with regard to this procedure.  My patients are beautiful after 10 years later having fat transferred performed.  This has not been a problem at all.  Fat transfer adds the necessary volume to patients faces that is needed to give a great results.

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Fat from donor site loses at different rate than the surrounding facial fat. Will the contour of face look strange when I age?

I think that your question is a good one.  I would think in terms of the more weight resistant fat being placed in your face as being more of a potential benefit than a liability as you age.  I have yet to see anyone with fat grafts to their face look unbalanced due to this issue.  I have heard of patients enlarging fat with significant weight gain although I haven't personally seen that occur.


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Fat cells are not the same throughout the body.

Your question is very thoughtful. It is true that the adipocytes (fat cells) are not the same throughout our body. They have different receptors and underlying biochemistry. 

 The job of an experienced fat transfer specialist is to provide a smooth transplantation of the adipocytes from the abdomen/thighs/donor site  to the face. It typical for transfer procedure will provide full face fat transfer into multiple planes throughout the face so that the result should be smooth and last the test of time. My personal experience observing my fat transfer patients over 10 years is that it is extremely unlikely to have irregularity show up over time if the procedure is performed correctly.  There are numerous techniques that are utilized to a sure is smooth result: minimum suction when harvesting, minimum handling during transportation, smooth microinjection with  small cannulas, injection into deeper planes eith multiple passes and entry sites, to name a few. 

 I would suggest that you find a facial cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience in autologous fat transfer.  Observe their results, ask insightful questions about their technique.  Make sure that you're at a stable weight before you undergo the procedure. Good luck!

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