Facial Hypesthesia (numbness) post cheek implant removal.

I am 19 years old. Got a cheek implant surgery with porex back in March but I hated it so I had it removed in April 22nd. My face is pretty numb, especially my lip area, but I figured it's normal because the nerve is injured. It has been two months now, I still feel numbness and my lip feels thick. How do I get my sensations back? I am sure there must be a solution that speeds the process because I'm a college student having events and competitions coming up and this problem is affecting me.

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Numbness post cheek implant removal

It is common to have some numbness following a cheek implant due to pressure on the nerve from the implant or a retractor during the procedure. Unfortunately nothing can be done to hasten the return. Typically by two months there is at least the beginning of return of sensation which the patient will notice the numbness either getting smaller, less pronounced or increased sensitivity. The other sensation is "weird feelings" (parethesia)  such as pins and needles feelings. If you have no change by the end of another month speak to your surgeon. Fat Transfer is all natural, allows for better finesse in contouring and I yet to have any nerve problems following a procedure after thousands of cases. 

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Cheek Augmentation With Fillers, Fat, Sculptra, Implants

I suggest you speak to your physician. Your face shouldn't feel numb two months after removal. Fillers can be used to sculpt without an implant.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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