Facial feminisation. Long, uneven face & big nose. (Photo)

I am really unhappy with my face. I don't think I lucked out with the genes! I have a huge forehead (worsening with androgenic alopecia due to PCOS), a big space between my mouth and chin (worse when I smile), the left side of my face comes in more than the right and my eye is droopy, my nose isn't straight. I wear make up and have bangs to improve my appearance but I still feel unattractive and like my face has a masculine appearance. My droopy eye is becoming more noticeable with age.

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Facial Femininization.

You can achieve a more feminine and attractive face with a rhinoplasty, hairline lowering with a brow lift using the Irregular Trichophytic Forehead Lift which we developed. See a very experienced surgeon and look at his results and the hairline scar which should not be seen. 

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