Facial fat graft loses at different rate than the surrounding facial fat. How can you make sure you look natural in 10 years?

Say I have fat injection into my cheek. The injected fat is from my abdomen, so it has different characteristics than my facial fat. They also lose at different speed. If my fat graft loses 50% of its volume and my original facial fat loses only 25%, will I look strange?

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Fat Grafting with PRP

I would recommend you to get fat grafting with PRP to get a natural and permanent results. This technique provides a more predicable results. Find a surgeon that uses this technique.

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You Won't Look Strange

You won't look strange and it's difficult to predict an outcome 10 years out, but I do recommend doing PRP/sculptra injections in order to build collagen which will improve longevity and long term appearance of the transfer. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

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Good question

So this is the inevitable problem with facial fat grafting. Your facial contour is dependent on the nature of the fat transferred. If you put on a lot of weight on your fat donor site, your face will get fatter and vice versa. This is why we try and take fat from a patient of stable weight from an area that is resistant to diet or exercise. Patients in the forties often have such areas. Ask your surgeon about these things so you have a good idea of what to expect. Hope that helps 

Adam Goodwin

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