Are my facelift scars progressing normally? (photos)

These pictures are 2 months post and the previous pictures I posted were 1 month post. I'm still concerned about scarring, especially on right side of back of neck, which is very long. Also scars on both temples seem to be infront of hairline, rather than hidden by my hair & are very noticible. Are these scars excessive & is there anything I can do now at home to minimise them? My PS tells me they are normal but I'm not so sure. Really want to go back to my normal short hairstyle soon :(

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Incision Healing

Thank you for your pictures and questions, although the scars are very traditional and method have developed therefore not needing such a long scar incisions, healing wise they are maturing.  If they are lumpy at all you may want to consider massaging with oil or cream.  Even when the scar heals and fades to skin colour these will still be fairly visible.  You may want to consider cutting your hair in a way which hides the scars.  All The Best 

Face lift scars a concern at 2 months

Thank you for asking about your face lift scars.

The scars look fine for two months although I agree, the neck scars are quite long. Wearing over the counter silicone strips is the best treatment - and time. Scars improve naturally with time. You will probably not be able to comfortably wear short hair for another 3-4 months.

Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS


Thank you for the photos and while your incisions might not have been my choice you appear to be healing normally 

Dr Corbin

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These are actually normal and look like they are healing very nicely.

My only objection to this classic facelift incision is that may folks really to not need such large incisions to accomplish the cosmetic benefit of the facelift.  The contemporary facelift limits incisions as much as possible to minimize the facelift scar.  Even when your incisions heal (and this will continue to heal over the next few months) there will be a visible scar along the hair line behind the ears which is expose when the hair is pulled back.  I also do not like the extension of the facelift incision in front of the temple hair-this is so visible even when it heals beautifully.  I use an incision that extends vertically upward from the top of the ear and hides in the hair.  However, your surgeon is correct, the incisions you had are normal and you are healing normally.  And yes these scars are a bummer which is why some of us make great efforts to hide the facelift scar if though it adds time and effort to the surgery.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Facelift scars

You appear to be healing well, and these scars should continue to fade.  I like to have patients use a silicone based cream at this stage to help with the scars - like Biocorneum.  If they don't fade or feel a little irregular some laser treatments can also help. 

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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Dear Kaymorton

Thank you for your question and photos!  Things appear to be progressing normally.  Please ask your surgeon- they are familiar with was performed surgically.

With Warm Regards

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Facelift scars

these look really great for this stage. steroid creams and possibly v beam laser can make redness go away faster. you may want to ask your plastic surgeon about those

time will resolve this

Are my facelift scars ok?

Dear Kaymorton

Many thanks for posting your question. Your scars appear to be going through a normal phase of healing, when they become quite red and noticeable between 6-10 weeks. The redness and texture of the scar will take several months to improve, and can be helped by massage as well as the use of silicone gel. Advice from your plastic surgeon on scar management might be helpful.

In time, as your scars fade, they will become much less noticeable, and I'm sure you will be much happier with them.

Facelift healing as anticipated

and the redness will continue to improve and when it does, the scars will become less appreciable, especially in front of your ear.  As for the length, if you had a very loose neck, those scars are needed to allow adequate pull and resection.  Let your healing continue and if your scars are truly exposed with your normal hairstyles, that would be a great reason to have a discussion with your surgeon as it is your surgeon's job to keep the scar as inconspicuous as possible and his/her reputation will be reflected by your results.

Facelift scars

Based just on your photos, yes, they look to be healing fine for 2 months post op. The scars on your neck are long and even when they heal, they may still be visible. Speak with your surgeon about applying silicone strips to improve your healing. 


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