Eyes shape. (photos)

I am wanting to find out if chnaging the shape of my eyes is loci le. I am looking for a bit more cat yes look. I have already had an eyelift 10 years ago, and wanting to do a facelift along with me just and eyes . Does any of the Doctors have any suggestions.

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Eye shapes changes

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Thank you for your photos. It is important that you have a complete examination by a plastic surgeon who specializes in the eye or periorbital area. It is possible to have an eyelift in which the corner of your eyes are tightened but this will be limited by your anatomy and your ability to have properly functioning eyelids. It is important that you have goals which can be achieved in a safe and effective manner. This should be discussed with your surgeon who can also demonstrate what can be done to your eye shape. Hope this helps!!

Johnson C. Lee, MD Plastic Surgery

Beverly Hills Physician
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Eye shape change ?

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Best to see an oculoplastic specialist for evaluation. The treatment will depend on your exact anatomy and desired (realistic) goal. See following link for some information.

Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Eye shape affected by blepharoplasty excision lines

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Eye shape can be affected by the placement of blepharoplasty incision lines; the excision of the eyelid skin and subsequent closure places traction forces on the lids which then open up the eyes. In summary, placement of incision line can affect eye shape; you need to work with your surgeon during the markings so that you get the look you are desiring. Combining face and neck lift surgery with eyelid surgery is an excellent idea.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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