My eyelid is droopy very suddenly? (Photo)

I've just turned 21 yet my left eyelid has a tendency to droop. It's happened once before and stayed for about a month. And now only weeks later, it's comeback. It was all very sudden. In the morning it was fine but after dinner it was dropping again. I have no idea why this is.

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Droopy eyelid on one side

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I'll be honest, in your photo I don't see much but you may have a condition called myogenic ptosis and that can affect one side.  At your young age what patients notice is it seems to be fine in the morning but at the end of the day or maybe with even minimal alcohol one side looks noticeably lower than the other.  It may be very mild and not worth addressing surgically but I would first see an ophthalmologist for an evaluation. Best of luck. Do not let anyone talk to you in surgery before you get a few opinions because those are some very nice looking eyes.

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